National Platform

We have experience developing in more than 15 states. This presence provides us with several advantages:

  • Capability to work with tenants on a large scale
  • Exposure to a diversified collection of markets
  • Insight into locally-fostered concepts, trends, and innovations

We pride ourselves on being a national platform that has the ability and desire to design, build, and operate locally, while relying on our scale to execute on projects efficiently and effectively.

Operational Expertise

Our core value proposition is our expertise. From an initial vision through thoughtful planning and design, we can navigate complex development projects, while utilizing our knowledge and experience in construction, finance, and management to execute efficiently and effectively.

  • Site selection, conceptual design, feasibility analysis
  • Land-use planning, design, entitlements & permitting
  • Cost evaluation, value-engineering, construction management
  • Marketing, leasing, property management

We are determined to be at the forefront of innovation, focused on how we can better develop, operate, and utilize our real estate.

Financial Strength

Employing private capital, institutional partners, and a substantial balance sheet, our access to capital allows us to capitalize on opportunities, execute on a sizable development pipeline, and withstand credit cycles.

  • We own and manage a portfolio of operating assets that produce stable cash flow, allowing us to reinvest into our business to create additional value
  • We have a track record of generating attractive returns for both private and institutional investors, cultivating longstanding relationships with many of our capital partners

We maintain a long-term perspective, consistently striving to do what is best for the asset.

Our Team

Our best asset is our team. As a group, we leverage our individual skill-sets and experiences to offer a fully-integrated platform capable of executing on a vast, and at times complicated, development pipeline. Together, we have cultivated a team that operates at an institutional level with a family-like culture.

We adhere to the belief that we can accomplish more together, than apart.

> Meet the Barclay Team

Our History

The Barclay Group was established with an entrepreneurial and modest heritage. The founding partners built a reputation that has become the foundation for our platform. They continue to lead the group; expanding the platform’s presence, creating new value, and maintaining the core principles.

Over our history, the group has evolved. From our inception we focused on build-to-suit opportunities, developing lasting tenant relationships and repeat clients. These relationships remain a fundamental part of the platform, and now include clients from the retail, healthcare, industrial, and housing sectors. As our capabilities grew, we expanded the scope of our projects to include multi-tenant and mixed-use properties. These larger scale projects required extensive operational and development expertise, capitalizing on our integrated platform.

In addition to our retail presence, we have applied our development expertise to single-family residential, multi-family residential, self-storage, industrial, and large-scale land development projects. Our experience, capability, and ownership in each of these product types continues to grow as we expand the platform.

Company Timeline