Lakeland, Florida

Residential project set to transform a 10-acre, multi-block site in Lakeland’s vibrant downtown.

Mirrorton will include 305 apartment units with a mixture of townhouses, 3- and 4-story flats. A freestanding amenity building will include a fitness center, spa, coffee bar, meeting and work areas, social gathering spaces, pet amenities, and an attached outdoor terrace and pool. The project is the product of an extensive planning effort with the city of Lakeland, in an effort to develop and re-engage city-owned property. The development will establish connectivity and a urban feel with orderly downtown blocks, on-street parking, minimal building setbacks, and pedestrian accommodations.

Barclay Group – Framework project.


Lakeland, Florida

Residential Type For-Rent Apartments

Units 305

Population 73,661

Households 28,293

Median Age 37.3

Median Disposable Income $32,128

Total Square Feet 320,059

Year Built 2020

Availability Studios / 1 Bedrooms / 2 Bedrooms / Townhomes