EoS Fitness muscles its way into Northeast Mesa

EoS Fitness flexed its competition muscle by opening a 53,000-square-foot gym in Northeast Mesa on Gilbert and McKellips roads.

With 70 employees, EoS Fitness, 1954 E. McKellips Road, is equipped with an array of amenities like its own cardio cinema, basketball courts, group classes and an aquatic area. Memberships range from $9 to $24.

“It’s huge,” said Katlyn O’Neil, senior area operations manager. “We have a ton of amenities. People can watch TV while they do cardio. We have a full turf area. We have personal trainers. We have exercise and we have something called Fitness Unchained.”

She’s referring to an instructor-led intense group workout class. Members who are part of this group are provided with a heart rate monitor.

“Anybody who is a training client, they actually get a heart rate monitor and they can go in there and work out,” O’Neil said. “You can watch your heart rate monitor on the screen.”

The cardio cinema is O’Neil’s favorite feature. The room is dark and has several pieces of cardio equipment and a projector playing a different movie every day.

“We play a movie on a reel all day long, so you can go in there and get on a piece of cardio equipment and you can watch TV,” O’Neil said.

If members would like guidance during their workouts, EoS Fitness offers an array of group fitness classes, with over 60 options to include Zumba, yoga and cycling. New members are also given a free session to warm up their muscles for what EoS Fitness has to offer.

“We offer a free one-on-one session with anybody who comes in and just joins the gym to introduce them to everything we have on the floor,” she said.

For further help, EoS Fitness has personal trainers who are trained to work with people with disabilities and injuries. They are all nationally accredited.

“One of the new things we offer in this location is we have, not only a fitness manager but also a PT manager,” O’Neil said.

The PT manager helps continually educate the trainers.

EoS Fitness features an open-floor workout area to include “The Yard,” a green turf functional training area with battle ropes and weighted sled workouts, and “The Backyard,” an outdoor workout space. A pool and Jacuzzi are available for use.

“The thing I love about this gym is we have two workout floors, so sometimes it may look like it’s crowded but it’s not,” O’Neil said.

EoS Fitness brings innovative concepts to the fitness culture, and its latest location in Mesa has set the standard for future gyms. It is also a place that welcomes anyone, despite their fitness level or challenges.

“Everyone can work out at EoS,” O’Neil said. “That’s the great thing about us. Regardless of workout style or goals, anybody can work out here. Our core purpose is to create loyal lifelong fans and exercise practitioners.”