171KSF Retail Proposed for Gilbert ‘City Gate’

Developer BARCLAY GROUP has submitted initial plans to the Town of Gilbert for 171KSF of retail and commercial building space on 20.47 acres at the SEC of Higley and Baseline roads.

The City Gate Marketplace will feature a 123KSF anchor grocery store, five retail shops ranging from 4,800-12.300SF, two restaurants and a fuel center with canopy.

The design theme is consistent across the buildings, according to the planning commission’s staff comments, but minor changes in the architectural elements and color schemes make the individual buildings distinct and visually interesting from the front. Staff did note, however, some monotony on the buildings’ rear elevations.

Overall, the staff appreciated the design by RKAA, saying, “The architect truly designed a comprehensive and cohesive project that is contemporary and adds to Gilbert vibrancy. The subtle changes occur along the proposed buildings front facades through varying parapet heights, changes in canopy height and colors, and significant and different columns or columns with post. When the front elevations are viewed side-by-side, one may begin to notice and appreciate design and subtle changes.”

Trees in the proposed landscape plan include date palm, chitalpa, mesquite and olive, among others, with several Arizona-standard accent shrubs, cacti and ground covers. According to the staff report, some species that are not in the approved pallet may eventually be included in the application, but staff is currently unaware of the extent of possible changes.